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Planogramming with GoPlanogram

Our GoPlanogram® service gives you your own website for powerful, cloud-based planogramming and provides, for the first time, rapid interactive web-based display design running in your browser. With GoPlanogram, one or hundreds of users can quickly and easily design displays by positioning individual items or collections of items called “groups”.

Experience the excellent responsiveness GoPlanogram provides by trying our free test drive. Note: The test drive will launch in your web browser and is fully featured, except for some features such as the ability to upload products or to save a planogram.

Features Of GoPlanogram

Sample Screenshot (by permission of Spectrum Brands, Inc.)

Features Overview

A GoPlanogram website will provide you with these features and benefits. Note that we continuously add generally useful new features, which become available to all customers at no charge. See all the latest features here.

Feature Benefit
New! Available for Tablets and Smartphones Portable and Convenient – Now you can edit planograms on the road using your tablet (including your iPad® mobile device) or smartphone.
Web-based storage of planograms Security – Your company’s planograms represent a key corporate asset. Storing all of your customers’ planograms on the web means a planogram is automatically backed up and will not be lost if data on a user’s PC is lost.
Business Intelligence – It also means you will ultimately have a record of every customer’s display and can efficiently analyze how various displays perform.
Direct Manipulation of visual objects Ease of Use – GoPlanogram extensively uses drag-and-drop and other “direct manipulation” techniques to design displays. As a result, the software is intuitive and easy to use.
Web-hosted Reliable – There is only one version of the software. No more installation or use problems due to users having out-of-date versions. New software improvements are instantly available to all users.
Local editing Fast editing – While it is hosted on the web, the software is automatically downloaded and actually runs in the browser on your computer. As a result, multiple users do not bog down the server.
Design using product images Attractive, realistic displays – The resulting planogram can be printed and used for marketing, sales, and merchandising.
Design using “Groups” Rapid display development – By enabling you to define collections of products called “groups”, GoPlanogram lets you easliy create custom assortments for rapid design of profitable displays.
Multiple Fixtures Current fixtures include pegboard, slatwall, shelving, tables, apparel racks, and more to come.
Planogram sharing and access control To encourage sharing and increased productivity, planograms are, by default, accessible by all your users – A user can restrict access by other users, on a planogram by planogram basis, if they wish.
Personalization Features Planogram your company's look and feel -
Wall skins
Editable text objects
Multiple Reports Quickly print an Ordering Report or a Product Placement Report.
Shared-system – pay as you use Low Cost – By using our GoPlanogram web-based service, you minimize the cost of your planogramming software.
Generate Shelf Strips and Labels Click here to find out more about generating shelf strips and labels from your GoPlanogram planograms.
Built-in Image Downsizing Faster planogramming, attractive displays. GoPlanogram can now downsize your high resolution digital pictures for fast and crisp display on a website.
Internationalized Metric dimensioning, EAN, and multi-language support allow you to planogram for multiple parts of the world.
Custom Calculations Define custom properties and calculations. Calculate gross margin return on investments and the sales metrics of your choice.

Guidance & Documentation

For guidance on getting started, tutorials for seasoned users, videos, and other information, click here.

Pricing for GoPlanogram

For pricing information click here


“Northwoods built a terrific PC Planogrammer program for National Hardware in 1999. PC display designs were a wonderful technology breakthrough for our industry. Sales increased and costs were reduced.”

Keith Benson III
President, National Manufacturing

“Great communications, easy to work with, and great results.”

Terry Showalter
Senior Product Manager, The Hillman Group, Inc.

“Northwoods Software is easy to use, quick, and cost effective. They deliver on time with software that is ready to work.”

Dan Koehn
Independent Marketing Consultant

“We are excited about our partnership with Northwoods. GoPlanogram compliments the suite of tools we leverage to provide category leadership in the marketplace. Their cloud based model enables superior collaboration and dramatically improves best practice sharing. It strengthens our ability to optimize local planograms for our customers with a consumer-centric approach.”

Bob Pitera
Category and Consumer Insights Manager, Spectrum

“GoPlanogram is easy to use and update. We use GoPlanogram to share planograms with our very important distributor and retail customers.”

Alison Tsacoumangos
International Sales and Marketing
Handi-Craft Company

“Channellock uses GoPlanogram to communicate colorful planograms to customers that do not have their own design capabilities. GoPlanogram is nimble and easy to use. The graphics are very clear and colorful.”

Nicole C. Lindsey
Sales and Marketing
Channellock Products