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Welcome to Northwoods Software Corporation's We provide planogramming technology in the cloud for companies worldwide. At this site you'll learn about our off-the-shelf and custom planogramming software.

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Powerful Web-Based

Our products are web-based, allowing access from anywhere at any time. We use the latest interactive web technologies to give you fast response so you can plan your layouts more quickly and efficiently.

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Our Planogram
Development Experience

Northwoods has been developing planogramming software since 1999. As a result, you will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that has gone into our products.

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How We Provide
Ease of Use

Developing sophisticated software that is easy to use is one of our strengths. We know how to make our planogram software very easy to use by ordinary computer users.

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Engineered to be

Our experience, coupled with the fact that Northwoods keeps up with the latest developments in graphical technology, means that you will get a high performance, low cost, and easy-to-use planogrammer that takes advantage of the latest advances in software by Microsoft and standards organizations.

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