Planogramming in the Cloud!


How much does GoPlanogram cost?

Our GoPlanogram service is priced based on the number of users and number of stored planograms. Each user's account can store up to 50 planograms. An annual subscription for one user is $510, and the cost per user goes down drastically as you add more users. There is also a modest one-time setup fee.

GoPlanogram Custom editions are priced according to the amount of customization that you need as well. Please sign up and submit more information to request a quote.

How many items can GoPlanogram support?

The current version of GoPlanogram has been tested to handle approximately 6,000 items in the parts catalog and thousands of items in a planogram.

What content do I need to provide?

All you need to get started is a spreadsheet listing your items, and files for whatever images you currently have. For the required format of the spreadsheet, click here. We require that the pictures be in either JPG or PNG format. After you have subscribed to the GoPlanogram service, you can easily update your items and pictures on your own, anytime you wish. Please contact us and we will provide you with further details.

Can my company host the site?

Yes, with Custom Development we can arrange to provide you with a kit your staff can use to create your own planogram editing site. Please provide us with your details on our Sign Up form.

Does GoPlanogram work with any browser?

The GoPlanogram Desktop Client is based on Microsoft Silverlight technology. As such, it will run on browsers which currently support Silverlight. Please check the Microsoft website for current information.

The GoPlanogram Portable Client is based on JavaScript. As such, it will run on all modern browsers.